Black Lives Matter - From the Founders

Black Lives Matter - From the Founders

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. It’s worth repeating—until the day it never needs to be pointed out again.

We have spent the last several days devouring news, marching, signing petitions, teaching our children and reaching out to friends struggling. Yi and I love our customers and community. We would not be where we are today without Black women supporting See ROSE Go. We believe wholeheartedly Black Lives Matter and stand to dismantle racism and hate.

We want our community to know - Our goal is to move forward with love, open, non-shaming conversation, educating ourselves and children, listening, learning, speaking up and taking action.

We have donated to two organizations doing on-the-ground work to bring healing and connectivity, Black Table Arts in Minnesota and The Loveland Foundation. These organizations support and build community providing inspiration to many in their daily lives.

Black Table Arts is gathering Black communities through the arts toward better Black futures. The organization seeks to connect creatives while building community, educate and create space for leadership to thrive.

The Loveland Foundation was established in 2018 by Rachel Cargle providing financial assistance to Black women and girls seeking mental health through their Therapy Fund. The Loveland Foundation brings opportunity and healing to communities of color, and especially to Black women and girls who deserve access to healing that will impact generations. Rachel Cargle, a writer and activist, provides an abundance of anti-racism resources for conversation. We recommend her public address here to start conversations internally with yourself and with loved ones.

If you would like suggestions on resources for children, Yi and I both watched these videos with our 10 and 8 years olds. Please use your own judgement with what is right for you own children. Also including the Sesame Street link "Elmo wants to end racism too," for younger children 

How to raise a Black son in America, Ted Talk by Clint Smith, a poet blending art and activism. 

#Blacklivesmatter by Kennedy Cook, a 12th grader speaking at TedXYouth@Dayton 

[Edited June 8, 2020] More recently we have added a separate resource for Black Women Entrepreneurs. We are mid fundraising ourselves and it can be a very high and very low challenging process. Knowing this and that Black female founders are up against even more obstacles than any other founder - We want to be a part of systemic change. We've created a list of funding resources and aim to help the pipeline connecting Black women owned business to the capital needed to reach success. Read more about how we support black female founders HERE. 

The See ROSE Go community also belongs to all of you. If you need to talk or have suggestions on how we can do and be better, please email me directly at

Take care of yourself and each other.

Yours in solidarity,



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