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Premium Plus Size brand See ROSE Go featured in InStyle Magazine plus size street style gallery in @gessflyy

Each and every Fashion Week, we scroll through street style galleries and sigh, feeling slightly disappointed at what we see. Of course, everyone looks gorgeous and their outfits are ones we covet, but at the same time, the people that are featured seem to fall under one category: tall and thin. We know firsthand that fashion-forward, plus-size women are attending the same exact events as everyone else, but their own mid-action shots are often missing — a serious problem, if you ask us.

So we’ve made it our mission to tackle this head on, putting together a street-style roundup that exclusively features women who are cool, confident, on-trend, and also happen to fall into the plus-size category. It’s something we’ve been doing for the past few seasons at New York Fashion Week, and will continue to do, because representation matters and these women — as well as their outfits — deserve their time in the spotlight, too.

This time around, our photographer Lydia Hudgens captured even more stunning shots, proving that jaw-dropping style doesn't just belong to a select few who fit a very specific standard. After feeling excluded by the fashion industry for so many years, and still having to wait for brands to sloooowly expand their sizing, these pics are a breath of fresh air, and a great example of how any body can pull off any trend. Now it's time for brands to realize that, get a move on, and make some solid, more inclusive changes.

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Gess Pugh | @gessflyy

Gess photographed wearing model's own See ROSE Go Essential Tunic Shirt in Midnight Navy