Power Dressing: How be an Outfit Repeater

Women have many roles to play - mother, daughter, sister, student, wife, friend, entrepreneur. We are multi-dimensional no doubt juggling busy lives, and aspirations. Now that I’ve reminded you how over-tired you are, imagine the time and energy spent on getting ready and choosing outfits before you actually take on the day.  

Women have outdated standards compared to men when it comes to getting dressed. Michelle Obama has talked about how her husband Barack Obama got away with wearing the same tuxedo and shoes for 8 years and yet she made headlines each time she repeated an outfit.

This might seem like no big deal. But again, think of all the time and energy and money spent on getting ready. There are real issues at play here. Women already pay a higher price than men in our culture of sleep deprivation and burnout. If we can reclaim some the time and energy lost to picking out clothes and getting ready, we’ll gain a serious competitive advantage.

Yes! Fashion and getting dressed should remain enjoyable, let’s not go all "Steve Jobs black turtle neck uniform." But there is a way to make it easier on ourselves.

We can dress in a way that is chic and comfortable and we feel great about ourselves while saving mind space for things like our passion, family, friends…sleep! 

Here it is - repeat the outfits you feel your absolute best in. The first step is to normalize and celebrate outfit repeats. Because women should feel as comfortable as men repeating outfits. It makes sense to simply wear over and over the clothing that you feel your best in. Kate Middleton chooses to repeat her favorite looks multiple times and showcases her fashion sensibility. ”When you know an outfit works, why not make the most of it”, she says. She is known for her style and sharp use of an accessory to change up a look. 

The next step - When shopping, before you invest your hard earned money to make a piece of clothing yours, calculate the cost per wear. Ensure you can create at least 4 other looks with that item and mix with existing pieces in your closet. You’ll get better return on your shopping investments and you’ll find joy in wearing it wear it again and again and again with a smile each time. 

Lastly - Join the movement. Ariana Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global, launched a style repeating campaign to close the style gap and redefine conventions helping women to feel more confident while repeating their outfits and regain the time and energy lost while picking out outfits.  

She is passionate about repeating her outfits at special occasions and making it known by posting with #stylerepeat at events like the White House Christmas Party, award functions, and red carpets. She believes in giving women the freedom to wear whatever they want without hesitating to repeat clothes. 

We do too. At See Rose Go we create high quality style options exclusively for women wearing a plus size to see more women go out feeling their best self making an impact on the world. See ROSE Go designs are meant to be loved and worn as timeless staples that are worthy of your outfits repeats. Having clothing “no-brainers” to repeat saves mind space, energy, and emotion for doing what we love and value. 

So If you have an outfit that makes you feel your most beautiful-take-on-the-world-self wear it over and over again and send us photos! By sharing our own experiences we can shed light on outfit repeats encouraging others and ourselves to feel their best by wearing what we love. 

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